Selling to Groups

A recent chat with one of our UK Pharmaceutical clients revealed that 60% of all sales calls are to a group of customers. In Sweden this figure rises to 73%. Norway is 80% and Finland is a staggering 90%!

Just as staggering to us is how many Pharmaceutical companies spend almost no time preparing sales reps for selling to groups.

If group sales calls are the main form of selling opportunity, then surely group selling skills training needs to be made more mainstream?



All of us here at Bespoke have worked on initial training teams so we know the score when it comes to onboarding sales reps.

Company orientation…✅

Systems and compliance training…✅

Brand training…✅

One to one sales training…✅

Selling skills validation…✅

Then it’s off out to the real world with a shiny iPad full of information where the busy line-manager is expected to take up the slack with developing selling skills.

Nearly all the managers we work with say that they struggle to get field visits in the diary, let alone train their teams on group selling…something they (and sales reps) now expect as part of their core training.



We have worked with Pharmaceutical companies to translate their selling models into approaches that work with groups of customers. Coupled with effective group selling training for sales reps and meaningful ways to support line-managers in the field, selling to groups needs at least the same focus as one to one selling.

After a recent selling to groups event delivered by Bespoke, one participant got in touch to tell us that she had used some of the same group selling principles at a job interview to blow away the interview panel!

Another sales manager whose team attended a group selling programme got in touch to simply say #transformational



Let’s talk to see how we can help your sales teams capitalise on the group selling opportunity. Whether it’s a refined selling model, tailored training for sales reps or supporting line-managers in the field, we have plenty of ways to help.

After all, who doesn’t need a bit more #transformational in their team?